Friday, May 4, 2012

Rodriguez Family

I went to school with Missi and Chris and was shocked to hear.... that they'd never had family photos taken!! Their children are growing so fast and they're sooo adorable. They've been busy with school, work, life, basketball, baseball, music lessons, and on and on so you can imagine how honored I was when they took time out of their crazy lives to stop for a minute and preserve this time in their lives. I had a blast with this family. They are so fun and down to earth and these kids are a hoot! I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

I don't remember what happened here, but to me this looks so natural. I'm sure this must be an every day occurrence in their home lol. Some Daddy's are big KIDS!

This photo was a great surprise when I was up late editing. It sure made me laugh out loud like a crazy person. Thanks Sean for being such a character.

OK, this is better!

Don't you just love big sisters!

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